Air cylinder LDN / PVZ

On the selection of a clamping cylinder a criterion is if a through bore is necessary for bar machine or for clamping longer workpieces. In case of this, through bore clamping cylinders LDN are the best choice. If a through bore is not necessary, higher traction on the same air pressure with a PVZ is possible resulting of the design.

Our clamping cylinder LDN-HS is a speed optimized clamping cylinder with a through bore for highest speeds. Clamping cylinder LDN-A is a through bore cylinder with axial movable drawtube, which grants the simple activation of collets with a collet seat.

All LDN cylinders are a development of the LDZ series. Our customers e.g. from the optical industry or laser machining had the desire to operate the clamping system with oil-free instead of oiled air. Optimizations of the rotary distributor have enabled this to be achieved. The LDN cylinders are otherwise identical in external dimensions to the previously offered LDZ cylinders.

For the size the nececarry traction in association with the installation space is decisive.

Selection of pneumatic cylinders PVZ / LDN

Cylinder type Through bore
Draw tube axial adjustable Sizes mm Highspeed versions
PVZ No No 150 - 250 No
LDN Yes No 150 - 250 No
LDN-HS Yes No 150 Yes
LDN-A Yes Yes 150 No


Our clamping cylinders have a built in check valve allowing the cylinder to maintain the clamping force, should a sudden air pressure loss occur. For adjustable clamping pressures all sizes are also available without check valves.

On type LDN-A the drawtube is axially adjustable, therefore minimising changeover time, when different collets are to be used.

Activation and mounting

MicroCentric cylinders PVZ are pneumatically operated. Air pressure flows through the rotary distributor into the cylinder chambers. The rotary distributor has a precision guide for smooth running. The pneumatic actuation allows very fine adjustments of the clamping system giving an advantage over hydraulic cylinders.

MicroCentric clamping cylinders can be adapted to any machine spindle by using an adapter plate.

Application field

  • Precision Power Chucks PPC
  • Diaphragm Chucks MBS-Z
  • Mandrels
  • Power chucks
  • Collet Chucks
  • Draw-in collets (type LDN-A)