Highspeed chuck HSC

MicroCentric highspeed chucks are the superior workholding fixture for most machining operation with higher speeds. The accuracy of the pneumatic operated chuck series HSC-L is 2,5 µm. As option SP a accuracy of less than 1 µm is also thinkable. All chucks could get used for ID and OD clamping. HSC-L chucks are having a integrated clamping cylinder, which got actuated via an air tube. Their easy handling on set up and while machining, the high accuracy, the steadily clamping force on higher speeds und especially the exremely fine adjustment of clamping force are allowing to machine high class workpieces on your CNC-machine. By developing the HSC-chuck series, a chuck series got created which offers a lot of advantages especially by compensating centrifugal forces. Made of premium steel alloys and machined after our highest quality requirements, the HSC chucks are a high-grade member of our precision chuck familiy. All of these features together are making this chuck to a reliable and high efficient assistant of your production.

Design layout

The chucks are existing out of following, basically parts:

No. Designation
1 Wedge ring
2 Base jaws
3 Chuck body
4 Cover
5 Air distributor
6 Piston
7 Backcover

Aligned to process requirements, the chucks could get supplied with different options. The describtion of them are listed on a separate page.


HSC high speed air chucks feature a patented external wedge design to actuate the master jaws. This wedge ring design minimizes the effects of centrifugal force without using counterweights. The cucks are having an integrated clamping cylinder, which got operated via an air tube. The movement of the wedge ring got granted through an axial movement of the piston inside the cylinder. Resulting out of actuators located in the wedge ring, the base jaws got moved. These base jaws got leaded in high precise lapped T-nuts, for reaching a maximum of lifetime and accuracy. The chucks can get actuated with every kind of multi-port-valves. In this case, the air has to get treated by an air filter regulation unit. The clamping of the workpiece got effected by top jaws which are getting especially adapted on each workpiece.

Application field

Application fields of highspeed chucks are: 

  • Finish turning
  • Hard turning
  • Cylindrical grinding on high speed machines
  • Gearwheel machining