Mandrelsystem MIS

For the internal clamping a mandrel is often the best solution. Therefore we have developed in addition to our diaphragm chuck line a mandrel system which offers many advantages.

Ideal fit the MIS mandrels system to all diaphragm chucks size 150. The operation of the diaphragm chuck and thus the mandrel system can be pneumatic or power operated.

The adaption to different chuck sizes there are mandrel adaptations available. Further it is possible, to convert to an outside clamping very easily with a diaphragm clamping set.

The modular design results at moderate prices with maximum flexibility.

The MIS mandrel system consists of the assemblies base mandrel, clamping set and workpiece stop. A clamping set consists of collet, master ring and Changing fixture. With the system clamping diameters between 20 and 121 mm are realizeable.

The base mandrels have for mounting on the chuck a pilot for chuck size 150 incorporated. By centering a faster and more accurately changeover to other mandrel sizes is possible. Each base mandrel covers a clamping range of at least 5 mm.

With a changing fixture collets engages at a bayonet lock into the base mandrel. Similar clamping diameters are  installed within seconds.

By on the base mandrel mounted part stops, a precise axial workpiece positioning is secured.



Mandrel layout

In the illustration above, the modules of the MIS mandrel system are shown:

No. Designation
1 Base mandrel
2 Collet
3 Changing fixture
4 Master ring
5 Part stop


The MIS-Mandrel System has excellent features on internal clamping of your workpieces:

  • High process safety
  • Short setup time
  • Variable adjustable clamping force
  • Pull back effect
  • High accuracy
  • Maintenance and lubrication free
  • Long tool life
  • Centrifugal force resistant
  • Compatible with MBS-diaphragm chucks


The base mandrel is mounted on a diaphragm chuck (size 150). During reverse movement of the piston resp. the drawpiece in the chuck, the collet chuck of the MIS mandrel system is pulled axially onto the cone of the base mandrel and thereby increases radially in diameter. The workpiece is clamped. The part stop is used to achieve an exact axial positioning of the workpieces.

At forward movement of the piston resp. the drawpiece away from the machine spindle, the opening of the clamping system is effected.

For actuating the mandrel system MIS MicroCentric diaphragm chucks are used:

  • MBS-L
  • MBS-Z
  • MBS-N

Application field

MIS mandrels are ideal for use at the internal clamping in the following operations:

  • Rough- and Finish turning
  • Hard turning
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Gear manufacturing
  • Milling
  • Finish work
  • Inspection work