Quick change collets QCC

MicroCentric collet chucks develop higher chucking forces, and have greater rigidity than conventional collet and three jaw chucks. This is due to the efficient transfer of axial draw tube force into radial clamping force on the workpiece.

MicroCentric collet chucks are operated by a simple mechanism which is not only extremely rigid, but also minimizes frictional forces within the chuck. The chucks are available with axially moveable and axially fixed collet. The size indicates the maximum possible bar through capacity or maximum workpiece diameter.

Selection of collet chucks QCC

Chuck type Application Pull down effect Bar work Chuck work Sizes mm 
CB-NB Rotating Yes Yes No 42-140
CB-ND Rotating No Yes Yes 42-140
CB-NX Rotating No Yes Yes 65-80
CB-NDR Rotating No Yes Yes 65-80
CB-NK Rotating Yes Yes Yes 42-140
CB-NS Rotating No Yes Yes 42-65
CB-NRB Stationary Yes Yes Yes 42-100
CB-NRD Stationary No Yes Yes 65-100


System Highlights of the quick change colltes QCC:

Quick change

  • Change collets in less than 15 seconds

High clamping force

  • Parallel clamping design generates higher clamping forces than traditional collet and three jaw chucks

High accuracy

  • Maintain concentricity within 0,01 mm TIR after collet change

Superior rigidity

  • Shorter overall chuck length
  • The workpiece is machined closer to the spindle face
  • High chuck rigidity improves machinability an increases cutting tool life

Large clamping range

  • Larger range than conventional and master collets
  • 1 mm range on models up to size 80
  • 2 mm range on size 100 and larger models

High spindle speed

  • The effects of centrifugal force are minimized on MicroCentric collet chucks
  • MicroCentric collet chucks maintain a large percentage of their static holding force at spindle speeds until 6.000 R.p.m.
  • Chucks until 8.000 R.p.m. are available on request

Application field

QCC-Chucks are the ideal choice for following work:

  • Bar working
  • Rough turning
  • Finish turning with medium class accuracy
  • Turning of chuck parts