Adapter plates

Clamping equipment of MicroCentric will be mounted with a separate adapter plate on the spindle nose of the machine. Adjustment and individual adaptation is given depending on the type of machine. There are ISO-standard and vendor-specific versions.

Micro Centric delivers adapter plates in the following versions:

  • ISO 702 / I (DIN 55026):
    Adapter plates with short taper for screw fixing completely machined
  • ISO 702/II (DIN 55029):
    Adapter plates for Camlock mounting completely machined with camlock bolts
  • ISO 702/III (DIN 55027/55022):
    Adapter plates for bayonet mounting completely machined with bayonet bolts
  • Adapter plates with cylinder pilots (inside or outside)
  • Other adapter plate designs

Please let us know in your inquiry or order the ISO-standard and the size of your machine spindle. Or if you have a vendor-specific spindle connection, we need for the design following information:

  • Number and size of mounting holes adapter plate to the spindle
  • Hole diameter of the mounting holes adapter plate to the spindle
  • Diameter and depth of the interference fit or the type of cone
  • Cylinder pilot (inside or outside) at the spindle

In addition information about the requested processing distance to the spindle nose (may be influenced by the adapter plate length) and the available space in the work area of your machine (possibly limited size) are helpful.