Our Services for MicroCentric clamping systems


In your company or in our house your employees are trained in the use of our products to achieve the best possible use of the MicroCentric chucks in the machining process. Application errors can also be excluded largely.


We are happy to support you in your company in building and commissioning of MicroCentric clamping devices. Even short user training can be carried out by your staff availability.


Seals such as O-rings should be replaced regularly, so there is no machine downtime during the operation in the machining process. By arrangement we can carry out this work also on a weekend or during your operating days of rest.


Unfortunately, unintended machine motions (e.g. due to program errors) cannot be avoided completely. Furthermore, mechanical moving parts at clamping systems are subject to wear out after prolonged operating time and are thus contrary to the requirements for the highest repeatability.

If your chuck must be repaired, we recommend you the repair in our house. By using MicroCentric-original spare parts and over the decades proven working methodes we bring the clamping systems back into a perfect condition.

After submission you will receive an estimate for repair approval as desired. Emergency repairs, or the manufacturing of spare parts before your transmittal of the clamping systems for rework are available upon request.


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