Precision power chuck PPC

With MicroCentric PPC Power chucks you will improve the productivity and reach a cost reduction caused by more precise and repeatable clamping technology. Manufacturers which have the ability, to get a perfect runout along the whole workpiece (1. / 2. aspect), are profiting by a low reject rate, reduced cycle time and are having from this hightened production capacities and profits.

While tight tolerances could get realized, the offset for fine working could get reduced. Because of this, not only your unit costs are getting reduced, you also will get an increase of the finished parts every layer.

The accuracy of MicroCentric's PPC Power chucks is offering an advantage of parallelism, roundness, perpendicularity, it's also possible to observe tighter tolerances. This all from sizes of 110 to 300 mm.

Präzisions Dreibackenfutter

Selection of power precision chucks PPC

Chuck type Enlarged jaw stroke High speed version Sizes mm 
PPC-D No No 110 - 300
PPC-D-HS No Yes 110 - 300
PPC-DL Yes No 110 - 300
PPC-DL-HS Yes Yes 110 - 300

Design layout

The MicroCentric PPC Power chucks are equipped with a dual actuator-design, made for highest stiffness and unreached accuracy with a regular power chuck.

The peripheral actuation and the brilliant diameter-/lengh proportion are granting high repeatability and allows big through bores.

The chucks are existing out of following, basically parts:

No. Designation
1 Chuck body
2 Base jaw
3 Piston
4 Actuator
5 Through bore
6 Top jaw


Schnittdarstellung PPC


On machines equipped with a clamping cylinder, the draw tube got conected via a draw tube adapter to the chuck. Resulting out of an axial movement of the draw tube, the piston got moved back- and forwards.

On the piston are mounted actuators with a wedge. The wedge of each actuator will grip into a groove of the master jaws and transfer the axial movement into a radial movement of the master jaws.



Application field

PPC Chucks are the ideal choice for:

  • Precise machining of chuck turned parts
  • Hardturning
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • 2. aspect-operations / Subspindle
  • Part families