Power chuck KHF

The 3-jaw chucks KHF are available in sizes from 165-315 mm and work with the wedge-hook principle that finds its use in the clamping market for many years.

The master jaws of MicroCentric KHF-chucks have a serration 1,5 mm x 60 ° and thereby fit to many in the market used jaws.

For mounting to your machine an adapter plate is used. With this the chucks can be mounted on various machine types and a simple roundness adjustment is given.

The top jaws are fixed by adjustable T-slot nuts at the master jaws. With adjustable top jaws, the chuck are variable and easy to adapt to different clamping tasks.



Design layout

The KHF-chucks are disposing of the since many years established wedge-hook design for high rigidity.

The chucks are existing out of following, basically parts:

No. Designation
1 Chuck body

Draw piece


Wedge-hook operation

4 Bases jaw

T-slot nut


Through bore


Mounting screws



The clamping cylinder of the machine is connected to a drawtube, and this with the drawtube connector of the chuck. By axial movement of the drawtube, the draw piece is moved forward or backward. About inclined planes on the wedge hook the axial movement of the draw piece is converted into a radial movement of the master jaws.

Through the axial movement of the drawtube to the rear, the chuck is closing on external clamping applications. By moving forward the chuck opens. On internal applications, the movements are reversed accordingly.


Application field

KHF-chucks are the ideal choise for:

  • Rough turning
  • Finish turning with middle accuracies
  • Cross clamping
  • Turning of chuck parts
  • Turning of sintered parts
  • Turning of casting ang forging parts
  • Turning of short bar parts