Overview available chuck options

MicroCentric APC-chucks and vices could get equipped and delivered with different options. On need, the options could also get combined.

The following chart shows which options are available on which chucks. Below, a exact describtion of the options is shown.

Chuck/ Option MM QC SP AL SG
APC-S Chuck 75 mm     Yes Yes Yes
APC-S Chuck 100-400 mm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
APC-N Vice 75 mm     Yes   Yes
APC-N Vice 100-250 mm   Yes Yes   Yes
APC-H Highspeed-chuck 75 mm     Yes Yes Yes
APC-H Highspeed-chuck 100-150 mm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
APC-R Chuck 75 mm     Yes   Yes
APC-R Chuck 100-250 mm Yes Yes Yes   Yes

Option MM: Moving manifold

MicroCentric's standard rotating air chucks are a fixed manifold design which isolates the movement of the piston from the air tube assembly. The MM option is specified for applications requiring a signal to confirm chuck position, clamped or unclamped, to the machine control.  Through the linear movement of the air tube assembly, a signal can be transmitted to the machine control to confirm chuck position.


Option QC: Quick change jaw system

The QC system accurately locates top jaws previously machined on the chuck to maintain accuracy within 5 µm TIR.  This high accuracy is achieved without re-machining the top jaws after changeover, thereby eliminating the most time consuming process associated with jaw change on precision chucks.  This feature significantly reduces machine set up time, and will improve a machine's flexibility in a JIT environment. QC top jaws can also be machined off-line on a jaw turning fixture, or another QC chuck.  In this case chucking accuracy is maintained within 0.01 mm TIR when top jaws are transferred to another chuck. 

A further advantage of the QC-System is it's rigidity. The QC-System is predestinated to withstand high clamping forces. On this option the base jaws (1) are ploting with locating pins (2) the top jaws (4) into conical location bores (3) with exreme high accuracy.


Option SP: Guaranteed repeatability: 0,5 µm!

For applications which require extremely close chucking accuracy, MicroCentric will selectively fit and certify a chuck to a repeating accuracy within 0.5 µm TIR. Parts for these chucks will be selected out of the series and an inspection certificate proves the outstanding attributes of SP chucks.

Note that temperature variations, changes in air pressure, spindle runout, and the condition and design of top jaws will affect chuck accuracy.



Option AL: Automatic lubrication

With the AL option, lubrication is supplied to the chuck through the air tube assembly.  This provides a practical means of lubricating the chuck, even during machine operation.  The AL option is especially suited for unmanned machine cells or other high volume production applications. An AL chuck is equipped with a special centre housing which directs lubricant, supplied through the centre of the air tube, to the moving components within the chuck.  Lubrication can be supplied by either a manual or electric lubrication pump. Also the connection to a central lubrication unit of the machine in thinkable.



Option SG: Special master jaws

If you still work with a high precision chuck of our competitors, you should have several top jaws for that chuck. We have introduce the option SG, that you can work with your present top jaws equipment. Please let us know your requirements for the top jaw mounting. Whether dowel pins, grooves or tenon/groove - You always will receive the desired configuration.